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TERBAY.CO.INC. with more than 60 years experience and qualified personnel, sees us its most important duty as to respect its customers’ demands and requirements based on the contracts and specifications on time and the required quality.

Our main objective is to renew and improve the production methods to stay competitive in the market.

TERBAY with its existing capacity can process 1.000 tons/month sheet steel with its 20.000m2 covered area, TERBAY can do all proscesses that its customers demand. TERBAY acquires all its qualified personnel from TERBAY Tecnical Training school established in 1985.
Up to 13 mm thick sheet steel is cut at NC Shearing Machine. Material width is 3.000 mm. (DURMA branel)
Up to 12 mm thick sheet steel is bent at 200 ton CNC Bending Machine. Material width is 3.000 mm. (DURMA branel)
4 cutting torches is used for oxygene, 1 torch is used for plasma cutting. Table dimensions 3.000 mm x 12.000 mm
Up to 800 ton capacity hydraulic presses are used for forming sheet steel by molds.
Various detail parts are joined with welding process internationally certified welders by using assembly jigs. Necessary welding tests are performed in house.
Up to 7 ton single piece can be machined in high accuracy. x=3.000 mm, y=1.800 mm, z=1.700 mm
Steel structure pieces up to 1.200 kg can be machined inseries and high accuracy.
Pieces are measured by 3D CNC Machining device based on quantity plans. (COORD3 branel)
Pieces are surface cleaned by using 7 basing by applying ZING PHOSPHATE protection.
Pieces are painted for primer and final coat based on the customers requirements.
Pieces are coated with electrostatic system by powder paint and cured in the oven.
The pieces are packed based on the customers’ specifications and prepared for shipment.
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