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Product Preparation

In the production preparation section AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDCAM programs are used. Since the serial production drawings come from our customers, in this section detail drawings are prepared for the production. Also, the projects for the toolings and jigs are done for the production.

In addition for the contracting works, based on the demands of our customers regarding units and plants project works are conducted with the specialized engineering project companies.

Prototype Preparation

Before start of serial production prototype preparation is done by your experienced personnel in a very short time. Following the approval of the prototype necessary molds, toolings and fixtures are produced for the serial production.
Packaging and Delivery

The parts are packaged according to the customer's requests and prepared. Packaging specifications are prepared for each series of parts and shipped according to this specification.

In order to achieve success in the global market, we can also serve you in the following matters.

- Installation Services
- Packaging
- EDI system and management
- Order follow-up
- Delivery at specified delivery time (JIT),
- Delivery-Referral Performance Evaluations
- Loading organizations (for DAP deliveries)
- Electronic dispatch note (ASN)
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